Monday, April 25, 2011

Hobby Horse & Misc: Day 97

Some Updates
Continuing With Hobby Horse

Some regrouping was done today with my Ribbon Box of many weeks ago. It seemed like such a great idea to make the box with all those great grommets through which to thread my 1/8" ribbons.

 Unfortunately it has not been working well. 
It seems that when I pull out a ribbon, the spool either backs off afterwards causing the ribbon to pull out of it's tidy little hole OR the ribbon spool spins more than it should when I pull it out. This causes a chaotic mass of a spaghetti-like environment inside the box. There is a constant respooling of the ribbons or rethreading of ribbons through their individual holes in the box. 
No matter what I do, this is not working like I would hope.

That is why I have scrapped this idea, taken all the ribbons out of the box, and set up another method.
If I can't have easy access to my stash, then I will find ways to NOT use ribbons.
This is not a good option for me because I enjoy incorporating them into my projects!

Here is the solution to the problem:

A nice wood, 2-bottle divided wine box!
Originally the extra ribbon spools were put in this box since the grommet box didn't hold all of them anyway.

The inside.
ALL my ribbons fit (for now at least!), and I can easily pull one out when I need it.
So much better.

And now to continue the Hobby Horse project...
I decided to make mane with black and brown 1/8" ribbon using a needle to stitch the individual pieces. Then they will be tied so that either side will be symmetrical, and the mane will not just flow over one side of the horse's head.

You can see here the ribbons that have just been stitched through the fabric.
I will tie the rest to finish this phase of Hobby Horse.

Last night I said I would ponder the idea of the nostril. 
Now I think instead of this black one I will do an embroidered one. So I'm going to take this one out. (Tomorrow!)

I wanted to get more of this completed today, but the ribbons took some of my Horse Time.
But do not fear; I will return to this project on Tuesday.

And you must be aware that I am chomping at the bit to complete this guy :-]. 


  1. Looking good so far. I think a different nostril is the way to go, look forward to seeing the completed photos

  2. Hi Zennic Designs!
    Thanks for your comment. I will be working on the NEW nostril today. Hope to come up with something just right for this little Hobby Horse :-].