Friday, April 1, 2011

Mobius Strip Scarf: Day 73

The Mystery Solved!

Well, perhaps it's not completely solved...
 unless you know what the heck is a Mobius Strip. 

For lots of information about it you may want to check out THIS website.

As for the Project of the Day, I am making a Scarf that IS a Mobius Strip.

Essentially this particular Strip is created by making a long strip (surprise, surprise!), then instead of just stitching it into a circle, a half twist is put in it and THEN stitched together.
  As a result of the half twist, the Möbius Strip has only one side and one edge!

Thus my yellow sweater strips cut out yesterday and left for you to ponder today will be made into a cozy, neck warmer.
It will also match the Kitten Mittens.

The sections before stitching.

After stitching.
The half twist is in the lower left corner of this photo.
This scarf can be slightly stretched and doubled to put over the neck, then bunched
or smoothed depending upon the result desired.

The Full Set.
Now this makes for a cozy group!
Nice for those cold evenings.

Panda likes it!
Did any of you guess what was roaming around in my eccentric head for today?

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